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Lessons in Letting Go

I have always had trouble with letting go of emotions, people, things… the list can be endless. I tend to hold onto things that are beyond my control and it creeps into my mental health causing me to feel this weight of negativity and self-doubt. I see myself as an empathetic person, meaning I can […]

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Happier than a pig in mud

Scrolling through my social media, you’ll probably notice I favor my pigs. I do. I’ve been in love with pigs since I was a little girl after watching Charlotte’s Web. If you come to my home you’ll see it covered with pig decor. I really love pigs. They fascinate me. I can spend hours out […]

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A letter to my insecure self

I have spent most of my life feeling insecure. This is evident throughout my writing but I finally wanted to address this insecurity with a letter. To my insecure self, Over the years I have beat myself up with feelings of little self worth. Continuously I have badgered myself over things I have said, how […]

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