Front porch photos

Romito family

This morning we had front porch photos done by a dear friend. I had forgotten we had scheduled them at 9 in the morning so around 730 I frantically went to feed the animals & get everyone ready. 

This picture pretty much has my whole world in it. I’ve always wanted three boys and luckily my dreams came true. What’s not pictured is my littlest one, Niko, having a terrible time getting his picture taken. He is developmentally delayed and some things trigger behaviors.

It’s not easy having a child with communicative delays. I can’t always understand what he wants or needs. However through continuous speech therapy he is making progress. 

Love the idea of “front porch photos” especially during a pandemic when we need to social distance. But remember behind every smiling family photo you see on social media, there’s always a story behind it.


4 responses to “Front porch photos”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post is a real lovely one and a reminder to all of us that dreams can come true even for those of us who are working hard swimming against the current both outside and inside as well.
    Looking forward to reading your adventures in your new piece of heaven on Earth.

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Life is still hard some days, and it’s a struggle waking up each morning not knowing how I’m going to feel, but thankful for outlets like this!!


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