From barn to boudoir

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Theodore Roosevelt

I’m an extremely insecure person. I’m sure it stems from being teased and feeling like an outcast at times. It’s hard for me to believe or accept compliments. Drives my husband nutty.

But what is the point in this insecurity? I used to strive for perfection. The perfect body, the perfect house, the perfect wedding. And for what? My “perfect wedding” ultimately ended in divorce.

I think another reason for my insecurity is when I would compare myself with others. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” That quote rings so true. I would spend countless time on social media feeling envious of everyone else but myself.

My life is amazing. It’s not perfect by any means, but I am blessed and so very fortunate. I think the moment I realized that I started really working on my insecurities.

Some people think it’s annoying when a girl posts too many selfies. I used to be one of those judgy people. Now I think we should encourage it.

How can women feel secure in themselves if we don’t build each other up? Instead of feeling envious on social media, now I feel grateful. I’m genuinely happy for someone when they “flex” on their page- whether it be a new car they bought or even a selfie.

One of my good friends took very makeshift, unedited boudoir shots for me. I have struggled with bad self image problems since I was young. I used to not eat and carefully count my calories so I could have that perfect body. This body now has carried two beautiful baby boys. I should be proud of every curve because it’s a body I am healthy and happy in.

So next time you pause before posting that selfie- do it. I’ll probably ♥️ it.

home sweet farmhouse

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