Ask believe & receive

“Manifest your dreams.” That sounded so corny to me. How can one just make something out of nothing? By believing in yourself.

I didn’t believe in myself for the longest time. I spent most of my youth & twenties with negative self talk. Until the moment I changed my perspective did things start lining up for me.

I remember when I first moved to Seattle I met a bunch of aspiring actors and wannabe comedians. One of them asked me point blank “what do YOU want out of life?” My immediate thought in my head was to have a family.

I had just moved to Seattle by myself. The idea of starting over was daunting. My first months in Washington were spent trying to erase that negative self I had built in my head over the years. I couldn’t manifest my dreams if I didn’t believe in myself.

I deleted social media. I stopped smoking. I started running again. I lined up a teaching job for the fall. I really started taking action in my life with ways I could manage.

In October of 2014, just a few months after my move, I met my husband. It was a very chance encounter that changed my life. People say “When you know, you know.” I knew. I knew this was the person who was meant for me. The person I would start a family with.

Dreams don’t just happen overnight. They take patience and time. I had to let go of the notion that I wasn’t worthy of having my dreams come true. I had to let go of the control I thought I had over my life.

Once I let go of all my self doubt, I became open to love again. Finding your dreams is up to you, believing in them takes courage.

Celebrating our 4th year wedding anniversary ♥️


9 responses to “Ask believe & receive”

  1. Love this post! So very true about the point of letting go of past negativity. It’s so easy to latch on to the crap as if it’s going to be a constant reality. Surrender is key!

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  2. Love this post! Manifesting our dreams is so important but if you don’t believe in yourself it will never happen. So glad you were able to find your person, to create your family, and build the life you dreamed of! All my best, C

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  3. Dearest happy for you. Personally, I can relate to your posts.. this is something I do not share. Having a family was and still is my greatest dream. Please know I have always included you as part of MY Family ❤️ Miss those days of you and Annie ❤️ I

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