Give more than you take

Starting year 9 of teaching

Today was my first day back at school working remotely. I’m a special education teacher & I’ve worked with countless students with ranging disabilities. But my favorite type of teaching? Working with behavioral students.

There’s something satisfying about shaping behaviors from inappropriate to engaged & suitable conduct. The most important lesson I learned from teaching is to build relationships first. Without that established trust & rapport, learning will be near impossible.

When I first started blogging I barely knew anyone in the “blogging world.” So I figured, just like when I started with my farm, I’ll start by joining blogging Facebook groups.

It was an unenthusiastic start. I noticed that most people aren’t interested in helping others. They seem more interested in promoting their own “brand”. I contacted numerous people for insight & had dismal success.

I think that’s the reason most people don’t ask for help in general. Some people seem too busy to be bothered which can really be demoralizing for someone with bipolar disorder. It’s hard enough to put yourself out there & then have a negative response. That’s how I felt after I joined the blogging groups. What’s the point if they won’t take the time to help a stranger?

I needed to overcome my fear of rejection so I put myself out there again. I tried a different approach. Rather than ask them for help directly, I became genuinely interested in their blog first. Then the conversations starting happening and I started getting the feedback I was originally asking for. Just like in teaching I needed to create a relationship by establishing trust & rapport.

Rejection will happen. There will always be selfish people out there looking out for only themselves. But the real people you want to hang onto? The ones who offer their help when you have nothing to give in return.

Thank you to the random strangers who have gone out of their way to help a new blogger. Thank you to the people I haven’t connected with in years that have taken the time to read & shared their thoughts. And remember- relationships don’t happen overnight. But when they do, give more than you take. It’ll come back to you in the end.


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