Progress not Perfection

“You gotta network to get work.” I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard this expression. But it’s absolutely true. My blog grew primarily on social media because of my network. It’s comprised mostly of people who genuinely have an interest in my life therefore they’ll follow along with my blogging journey hopefully.

I finally found a few people in the blogging world to add to my existing network. The blogging network is an interactive community of people giving unbiased feedback on the layout/design of your site & also the content. One of the ladies reached out to me and gave me some great advice. One piece of feedback that I found really important was, “What is the reader getting out of reading your blog?”

My mission is to normalize mental illness & erase the stigma behind it by reminding people that it’s ok to not be ok. I re-read some of my posts and I almost cringed. Looking back at some of my writing I realize that it’s just telling MY story. I know they can be relatable but I also want to give a take-away moment.

My brother gave me great guidance by offering his input. “Use the word WE more.” It’s true. I don’t want to come off as preachy so I avoid telling my readers what to do with too much “YOU should do this…” advice.

My brother’s absolutely right. Because WE are in this together. It is a constant fight in our minds sometimes and I understand. I truly get it. I know what it’s like to only have the mental capacity to just crawl out of bed sometimes. And sometimes that’s not even possible.

I know what it’s like to have a silent illness that no one around you understands at times. I know the toll mental illness wreaks onto your physical self. WE are tired. WE are here. And it’s ok.

My blog is a work in progress. “Progress not perfection” should be our daily motto. We should focus on how we can improve and what we can do little by little. Take small steps towards your goals. Because WE are in this together. Mental illness can be crippling. But hopefully knowing that there is a network for us in this crazy journey we call life, it’ll help. Little by little. Because like I said, it’s progress not perfection.

My brother Rod. He inspires me daily to be a better person & know that WE are in this together.


6 responses to “Progress not Perfection”

  1. This is so important! I totally agree. As I go through this journey I keep learning and finding old mistakes. It has taken some willpower not to get sucked into that and lose my day to fixing what I didn’t do right in the beginning. Thanks for the reminder, this helps me stay stronger.

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