I’m sitting in bed. I’ve been wanting to write on here & finally, here I am.

I renewed my domain tonight. I wish I could say that I had just forgotten, but honestly I thought I was done writing.

I’ve never really seen myself as talented. I didn’t have any real passions growing up so it’s interesting how this blog/freelance writing journey started & where it’s at today.

I think what happened over the last couple years is I lost my sense of purpose. My why. I got so caught up on writing/social media that I needed to step back.

Honestly, what needed to take the back burner was the Instagram. Ah, Instagram. I used to have the logo all over this site, hoping for new followers.

Instagram, at one point, became more important than my actual writing. It seemed to entirely derail my focus & what truly mattered. I was more caught up on the “likes” & mass approval vs. authentic engagement. The only approval I need is from myself.

That took a long time to learn. So here I am again. I still write for BpHope & other new publications, but I really want to put my heart back into this blog.

Since I don’t have social media to share, nor am I an expert at SEO, I don’t expect many visitors on here.

But for maybe the few people that do find my writing, I hope it helps.


4 responses to “Currently”

  1. Glad to see you writing again on here. I do miss following you on Instagram, but you got my email and you can email me anytime. I hope your doing well.

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