The new thought philosophy of “Manifestation” used to pop up all over my TikTok. Mindlessly scrolling, a short video would appear with an influencer swearing how they WILLED something to happen with just pure thought.

Hm. I was intrigued. But I really didn’t look into it too much until I got off social media.

Now, I still have YouTube. I have to entertain myself somehow 🙃. But YouTube is great for better sourced videos vs. TikTok “influencers”. So I took a deep dive in the search bar as I typed manifestation.

Immediately dozens of videos popped up. I watched The Master Key society series to Louisa Hay and essentially, “where the mind goes energy flows” (Dr. Ernest Holmes).

We are what we think. If you think about something long enough, eventually you’ll take the steps to get what you desire. That is my interpretation of manifesting, at least. I don’t think you can just will things into happening without effort.

But if we are what we think then why not focus on happy thoughts? I always thought affirmations were super corny. Now that I’m all “zen” let me just think of a few affirmations that I should tell myself daily…

  • I’m a good mom.
  • I’m a great teacher.

Wait, are those affirmations or just facts? Ha, I actually just googled Affirmation Examples so let me redo that list with my own twist:

  • I enjoy living a slow & happy life.
  • I focus on what I can control.
  • I do everything with love and kindness.
  • I’m beautiful inside & out.
  • I love myself.

The last two I still toil over. But with practice, I am actually starting to love myself & finally enjoy this beautiful life. ❤️


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