Faith over fear

For so long I didn’t want to write about my thoughts on religion/spirituality. My article for BpHope on “Mindfulness in Marriage” & my “Manifestation”post both referenced a couple new thought philosophies.

I had felt lost for so long, but especially as this past summer came to a close. I was directionless, despite having everything I’ve ever dreamed.

My first quest into “finding myself” came with the findings of these new thought philosophies. But what really helped shape my focus?


Religion & of course, politics are two aspects I rarely discuss. I find them both too controversial and both tend to divide rather than unite. However, I can’t not talk about the influence God has shaped with my journey.

I was raised Catholic. Baptized, received Communion, and also Confirmed. For those unaware, these are rites of passage in Catholicism.

I always felt these ceremonies were unnecessary & church was utterly boring. Yet, all four of my sons have been baptized. What was my resistance?

I suppose the hypocrisy of religion and even the monetization of Christianity dissuaded me. But always in my heart, I still had Faith.

I will never become a bible-preaching, holier than thou type of person. At least, that’s never my intention. I can’t tell anyone what or what not to believe in.

But having Faith over fear has helped my life in so many ways. When I remember how blessed I truly am, rather than focusing on my shortcomings, my Faith strengthens.

So maybe instead of finding Faith, we can hang onto hope. Because in the words of Christopher Reeves, “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

Tears of joy at Enzo’s baptism

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