S l o w Living

My life is a bore.

It feels like a chore.

But oh how I adore

the idea of

Never wanting more.

That was my first ever attempt at poetry. This is how slow my life has gotten. I literally do nothing.

Ok, that’s a lie. I teach & life is extremely full of love with things to keep me occupied. There’s plenty to do with 4 kids & my assortment of animals.

I usually run away from my life. I claim I’m an extrovert, but really it’s all just an escape.

Wtf am I running from?

My insanely cute kids? My husband who loves me? The adorable animals?

For the longest time I don’t think I deserved to be happy. I kept running away from the one thing in the world I’ve always wanted the most. My family.

So yes, life has slowed down a lot. I find myself up at 6am drawing pictures of pigs. But, there are worse things I could be doing, right?

So I guess these are what they call healthy coping skills. Drawing, poetry, blogging (even if I’m subpar at all 3😜) and staying home.

But I think this is exactly what I need. Time to slow down & savor my life.


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