Living in Sin

We spend the first half of our lives in sin & the second in atonement.

I’ve sinned my entire life. Growing up as a Catholic, I even LIED to the priest during confession. Well I’ll make a confession now…

I’m not a good person. I’ve consciously hurt people I love and still somewhat continue.

I’ve spent the past half year on a spiritual journey that I’ve avoided my whole life. It’s Lent and I broke my Friday “fast” like I do every year. Without a single thought.

Maybe it’s my ignorance that’s made me a sinner. But I’ve learned when we know better, we should do better.

Knowing this fact, I’ve felt completely scattered because I’m still making slight transgressions. But when I am connected to God and praying… I immediately feel complete.

My values and integrity have to be in alignment in order to feel whole. Those values include love, family & kindness.

My biggest hurdle has always been letting go. I suffer from unhealthy attachments. I took great pleasure in addictions and illusions of love.

Illusions aren’t based in reality. I can love someone with my whole heart but eventually I have to let them go.

But it’s also love that grounds me. The key to letting go is always love. My Faith and the power of forgiveness along with God’s grace, reminds me that I am a good person.

We are all worthy of being loved and accepted. If you’re not a religious person, find that grace within yourself.


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