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  • Healthline- Managing My Bipolar Disorder Has Changed My Relationships

    Healthline- Managing My Bipolar Disorder Has Changed My Relationships

    My unacknowledged bipolar disorder contributed to the end of my first marriage. Finally recognizing and managing it helped me to save my second marriage. — Read on

  • Fighting Dirty

    Fighting Dirty

    For those who weren’t aware, I contribute for a popular mental health website called It’s geared towards those with bipolar disorder but it’s also a great resource for anyone struggling with a mental illness or involved with someone who is diagnosed. My piece Marriage Advice from a Bipolar Wife (, garnered a lot of […]

  • Lessons in Letting Go

    Lessons in Letting Go

    I have always had trouble with letting go of emotions, people, things… the list can be endless. I tend to hold onto things that are beyond my control and it creeps into my mental health causing me to feel this weight of negativity and self-doubt. I see myself as an empathetic person, meaning I can […]

  • The queen of procrastination

    The queen of procrastination

    Procrastination is currently killing my mental health. I am the queen of procrastination. I usually believe I thrive working “under pressure” but somethings in life don’t necessarily have a particular deadline. Take this blog for example. It is nearly the end of January. I hadn’t posted on Farmerish since sometime mid-December. I’ve been able to […]

  • Raging Hormones

    Raging Hormones

    Holy moly it’s almost been a whole month since I’ve posted on Farmerish. If anyone ever wants to start a blog, which it’s fairly easy to do, you have to remember to be consistent. Consistency has been a real difficult task for me lately. I just entered my second trimester last week. Officially 15 weeks […]

  • Accepting Bipolar

    Accepting Bipolar

    I was recently asked to do a collaboration on another popular bipolar blog. She’s someone I met via a Facebook networking group primarily focused on mental health blogs. She had reached out to me last week but due to a depressive state, I wasn’t able to respond. Luckily she reached out to me again to […]