Category: farm living

  • Tough times go away not tough people

    I have to muck the barn this weekend. I’m dreading it honestly. Manual labor is not one of my specialties but I know it needs to be done. There’s a lot of work involved with having a farm or small homestead. Getting the fencing up was no joke. Here’s a picture of what we had […]

  • Pack animals

    When I was first thinking of getting a pig, I just wanted one. I already had responsibilities as a wife, mom & teacher. We already had a dog. One farm animal would be just fine I thought. Pigs & goats are pack animals. They are social animals who thrive off companionship. Later when I learned […]

  • Happier than a pig in mud

    Scrolling through my social media, you’ll probably notice I favor my pigs. I do. I’ve been in love with pigs since I was a little girl after watching Charlotte’s Web. If you come to my home you’ll see it covered with pig decor. I really love pigs. They fascinate me. I can spend hours out […]

  • I’m no farmer

    Let me preface this by saying the following- I am not a farmer. My “farmhouse” is moreso a petting zoo than a real farm. We have two pigs, two goats, and hopefully more eventually. The beginning of the pandemic and before the official lockdown of Washington state we decided to buy a house. Just for […]