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  • Fighting Dirty

    Fighting Dirty

    For those who weren’t aware, I contribute for a popular mental health website called Bphope.com. It’s geared towards those with bipolar disorder but it’s also a great resource for anyone struggling with a mental illness or involved with someone who is diagnosed. My piece Marriage Advice from a Bipolar Wife (https://www.bphope.com/caregivers/marriage-advice-from-a-bipolar-wife-relationship-tips-communication/), garnered a lot of […]

  • Lessons in Letting Go

    Lessons in Letting Go

    I have always had trouble with letting go of emotions, people, thingsā€¦ the list can be endless. I tend to hold onto things that are beyond my control and it creeps into my mental health causing me to feel this weight of negativity and self-doubt. I see myself as an empathetic person, meaning I can […]

  • Accepting Bipolar

    Accepting Bipolar

    I was recently asked to do a collaboration on another popular bipolar blog. She’s someone I met via a Facebook networking group primarily focused on mental health blogs. She had reached out to me last week but due to a depressive state, I wasn’t able to respond. Luckily she reached out to me again to […]