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  • It’s Okay to be Happy with a Simple Life

    It’s Okay to be Happy with a Simple Life

    I used to repeat that phrase to myself constantly. Due to my bipolar disorder, I have had the tendency to live in chaos. What kind of chaos? A tumultuous world of constant negative chatter in my brain which would then further compel me to engage in destructive behavior. Pretty much the opposite of the simple…

  • Discerning Love and Limerence with Bipolar Disorder | bpHope.com

    Discerning Love and Limerence with Bipolar Disorder | bpHope.com

    How I dealt with breakups & heartache — Read on www.bphope.com/blog/discerning-love-and-limerence-with-bipolar-disorder/

  • How I Let Go

    How I Let Go

    Saying goodbye to summer love

  • Illusions of love

    Covid 19 and this pandemic has sparked a weird sense in all of us, I feel. This isolation and never ending feeling of dread has made me search for opportunities to keep my mind at ease. As the year of 2020 closes, a year with circumstances we never expected, I have to stop & reflect.…

  • Waves of love

    Waves of love

    Love, to me, is the most coveted and important emotion we can give to another person. In my marriage our love ebbs & flows like the waves in the ocean. Sometimes there’s a high tide where the love feels all consuming. It washes over me and I feel nothing but bliss & happiness. Other times,…

  • Love is blind

    Love is blind

    Facebook is funny wherein it pops up memories from the past. Today my cousin sent me a quote I sent her ten years ago on FB. “The only people you need in your life are the ones who prove they need you in theirs.” I wrote that to her ten years ago. What a profound…