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  • It’s Okay to be Happy with a Simple Life

    It’s Okay to be Happy with a Simple Life

    I used to repeat that phrase to myself constantly. Due to my bipolar disorder, I have had the tendency to live in chaos. What kind of chaos? A tumultuous world of constant negative chatter in my brain which would then further compel me to engage in destructive behavior. Pretty much the opposite of the simple […]

  • The Impact of NAMI – Nami-Eastside WA

    The Impact of NAMI – Nami-Eastside WA

    Guest post for the National Alliance on Mental Illness- Nami-Eastside WA — Read on nami-eastside.org/the-impact-of-nami/

  • Currently


    I’m sitting in bed. I’ve been wanting to write on here & finally, here I am. I renewed my domain tonight. I wish I could say that I had just forgotten, but honestly I thought I was done writing. I’ve never really seen myself as talented. I didn’t have any real passions growing up so […]

  • Birthday Blues

    It’s Sunday and I should be excited to watch football. Instead I’m on the downside of my bipolar mood swings. It seems with every manic or happy moment, the depressive state is even stronger. Yesterday we celebrated my sons 5th birthday party. It’s amazing how we, as people with mental illness, can mask our feelings […]

  • Pack animals

    When I was first thinking of getting a pig, I just wanted one. I already had responsibilities as a wife, mom & teacher. We already had a dog. One farm animal would be just fine I thought. Pigs & goats are pack animals. They are social animals who thrive off companionship. Later when I learned […]

  • A wife’s perspective on being bipolar

    It’s not always rainbows & butterflies it’s compromise that moves us along. Maroon 5 It’s been one of those days. You know, the one where you wake up filled with hope that today is going to be the best day ever! I frequently wake up feeling this way. For me it’s that I’m going to […]