Two under two

My pigs & my babies

I have two male pigs. They are considered “mini pigs”. Now you’re probably picturing a tiny teacup pig, but some can reach up to 300 lbs! At the rate I feed my pigs, they will probably top out around 200 lbs.

All my boys are getting bigger. My firstborn Vinny has a birthday in a couple weeks. He will be five. years. old. I cannot even believe it. I swear when they tell you how fast it goes- it’s true.

My two younger boys are fifteen months apart. I stopped breastfeeding Vinny at 5 months. Low & behold, one month later I found out I was pregnant.

It was difficult being pregnant while also having a baby to care after. I remember being so nauseous that I just let Vinny cry & cry in his playpen so I could lie down and cry too. I had very little help & missed my parents immensely. They lived across the country while my husband was busy working so I could be a stay at home mom.

While I previously thought it was hard being pregnant with a baby, I had no idea how difficult it would be to have two under two. I was completely sleep deprived. The difficulty of coordinating two small children’s sleep & feeding schedules, while also interacting with both of them when they’re not in the same developmental stage was more than just stressful.

The first two years were a blur. I don’t know how I got through it. I spent 2015-2017 without medication for my bipolar disorder. I didn’t want to risk the complications of taking meds while being pregnant or breastfeeding. My mood swings during this time were all over the place.

In late 2017 I knew my “baby blues” were signs of postpartum depression. I finally went to see a psychiatrist where I got diagnosed again with bipolar depression & he urged me to get back on medication.

I had to cut my breastfeeding journey to three months with my last baby. The mindset of “breast is best” stung me. Was I not doing my best because I was formula feeding? The mom guilt was terrible.

We live in a culture where people love to give unsolicited parenting advice. However, what works for some doesn’t always work for everyone.

To the mamas reading , I’m writing this because it does get easier. My boys are now 3 & 4 (soon to be 5😭). Every moment I have with them I hang onto, because I know tomorrow they’ll only be older. So let go of that mom guilt & hold onto your precious babies. One day you’ll be holding them in your arms… and the next they’ll be letting go. ♥️

My two boys & their farm animals

Front porch photos

Romito family

This morning we had front porch photos done by a dear friend. I had forgotten we had scheduled them at 9 in the morning so around 730 I frantically went to feed the animals & get everyone ready. 

This picture pretty much has my whole world in it. I’ve always wanted three boys and luckily my dreams came true. What’s not pictured is my littlest one, Niko, having a terrible time getting his picture taken. He is developmentally delayed and some things trigger behaviors.

It’s not easy having a child with communicative delays. I can’t always understand what he wants or needs. However through continuous speech therapy he is making progress. 

Love the idea of “front porch photos” especially during a pandemic when we need to social distance. But remember behind every smiling family photo you see on social media, there’s always a story behind it.