Pack animals

When I was first thinking of getting a pig, I just wanted one. I already had responsibilities as a wife, mom & teacher. We already had a dog. One farm animal would be just fine I thought.

Pigs & goats are pack animals. They are social animals who thrive off companionship. Later when I learned they needed to be in a pack, I found a friend for my one pig. I then added two goats. I went from wanting one animal to now having four. It was the best decision because now they’re a little family.

After I had my first baby, I felt so alone. I was still new to Washington and I wasn’t working. The isolation as a stay at home mom and not having friends intensified my “baby blues” I was experiencing. It later became unbearable and turned into full blown postpartum depression. Coupled with my preexisting bipolar depression thoughts of suicide had creeped into my head.

How was this possible? I just had a beautiful baby. My parents lived across the country in New Jersey but helped as much as they could. My husband has always been my rock but was working 50 hour plus a week for our family.

I realized I needed a support system. I joined local mom Facebook groups. I befriended my next door neighbor (who has become one of my dearest friends). I got out of my comfort zone & befriended people from all walks of life.

Soon my depression lifted. I was surrounded by people who loved and supported me. I began to count my blessings & not my burdens. My friends helped me realize this.

I truly believe that “your vibe attracts your tribe.” Once I realized I needed further companionship than my immediate family I began working on my vibe by cultivating real, meaningful friendships.

Friendships are the family you choose. My network is now compromised of people who are truly invested in my life. So to all my girlfriends, near & far, thank you for lifting me from the darkest place & choosing me to be your family.

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I’m no farmer

My happy place

Let me preface this by saying the following- I am not a farmer. My “farmhouse” is moreso a petting zoo than a real farm. We have two pigs, two goats, and hopefully more eventually.

The beginning of the pandemic and before the official lockdown of Washington state we decided to buy a house. Just for fun, like I usually do as a harmless pastime, I was scrolling through Zillow. I saw a house settled on almost 2 acres & had a barn.

My husband is the voice of reason in our relationship. Once he saw it he immediately agreed to check it out. We fell in love but I was more excited about all the LAND. Now 2 acres might not seem like a lot of land. However we had just come from a subdivision home with a postage stamp lot so this was huge to us.

Countless people have shared the power of nature with me. Knowing I struggle with a mental illness they encouraged me to be outside as much as possible. I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Spending time out in nature did not sound appealing to me. Now that we owned a home with land opened so many possibilities in my head.

I was joking with my girlfriends one night & said “hey maybe I’ll get a mini pig!” Soon the idea was cemented in my head. I became obsessed with it, devouring every pig book I could find.

My husband agreed to the pigs as long as we could get goats. My heart soared. Afterwards we spent a month getting the barn & fencing properly secured.

It’s been about three months since I’ve had the animals. People who supported me & even the naysayers both said “it’s not going to be easy”. And it hasn’t been. I wake up earlier now than I did when my boys were babies. I spent the first month covered in bug bites. The pigs are also escape artists which is something I had to learn the hard way. But anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Being out in nature and surrounded with animals is exactly what I needed. It is my self care & my break when I need to step away. Self care has many definitions for people. It can be as simple as making sure you drank a lot of water that day.

For me, I thought just being with my children would sustain my happiness. They are the blessings in my life. However I know that a moment to myself out with the animals makes me a better mom in the long run.

So treat yo self. Find something, big or small, to bring a little joy into your day. And to all my mamas- it’s ok to need a break sometimes.

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