Extroverts in lockdown

I am almost 100% an extrovert according to multiple personality tests I have taken over the years. They’ve all had the same underlying theme- I gain my energy & recharge around others. This doesn’t mean I don’t need my alone time, but I would rather spend my time with multiple human interactions.

I live in Washington state. Our state locked down almost immediately and we were put into a Shelter-in-Place. Even now I cannot be in a gathering with over five people outside of my household.

I’m not trying to debate the importance of social distancing. I know it is vital. But do you know what this does to an extrovert?!

I was on the phone with my psychiatrist office the other day. The receptionist vehemently expressed how happy she was that I scheduled my next appointment so quickly. She said “We are busier now than we ever have been.” My therapist has shared the same sentiments with her practice.

I can’t fathom the amount of people suffering with their mental health currently. People who missed out on monumental events like graduation, prom, or even their highly anticipated wedding. People who lost their livelihood or even worse- their loved ones.

The only thing that got me through this was focusing on my budding farm. I kept myself busy as possible researching everything I needed. I connected with other farmers via Facebook. I became completely absorbed in this new life I was building.

The animals really did change my life. They gave me a way to cope during a time I thought was hopeless. So thank you my little piggies & goats. I hope whoever reading this is finding healthy ways to cope. But remember, it’s also ok to not be ok.


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